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We are passionate about giving you personally designed amazing external garden room spaces. We specialise in all types of outdoor garden rooms ranging from traditional garden rooms for all types of leisure uses, to studios, home offices, classrooms and bespoke custom builds, and all designed to the smallest detail.

A garden room is the perfect space creating solution for all types of requirements. Hassle-free, cost-effective and makes a modern ecologically friendly alternative to traditional home extensions such as loft conversions or conservatories. As a stand-alone attractively designed external building, a garden room provides a much welcome separation from the distractions of home; creating a comfortable private space to relax, entertain friends, study or work.

Built with only the best eco-friendly external and internal materials, a Garden Rooms (North West) garden room is built to perfection, to provide a stunning addition to your home and garden environment. What’s more, our garden rooms are premium insulated for use all year-round, allowing you to make the most of your new added space even in the cold winter months.


Garden Rooms; from Gyms to Music Rooms. It’s Entirely Up to You!

Our garden rooms have a wide variety of uses, with no limits on how you can transform your garden room to reflect your specific requirements. We specialise in creating a space that can be adapted for any purpose, which also includes all the electrical, lighting and heating facilities of a fully-functioning room suited for everyday use.

Now is the time to explore the many benefits of purchasing a new low cost and eco-friendly garden room compared to a traditional extension or loft conversion. Contact us now for a free no obligation consultation to see how Garden Rooms (North West) can turn your dream garden room into reality. 

Please find below a selection of our recently completed garden room projects….  



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